Payment Methods

Various ways to pay your bills with Tapleto from anywhere and with the lowest fees.

Tapleto provides you with a set of payment alternatives for all utility bills with us, to make it easier for you to pay from anywhere inside or outside Egypt, or from the Internet. You can select the appropriate payment method for you from below, and the payment data will appear in your account on the invoice.


You can pay your bills through your PayPal balance, or by using credit cards on PayPal.

Credit cards

You can pay your bills online with any Visa, MasterCard, American Express credit card.

Fawry transfer

You can transfer the required amount to the National Bank of Egypt's Phone Cash wallet from any Fawry machine.

Vodafone Cash

You can transfer the required amount in the bill, from your wallet on FoneCash to our wallet in FoneCash service.

Bank Transfer

You can transfer the amount to what is required in the invoice, from any bank account in the world to our bank account in Egypt.